On-Time Submittals Every Time

Complete Detailing 

Your dedicated detailer has complete insight into the schedule and methods of your project, and is in constant contact with our in-house project managers.  This ensures a seamless experience from award to successful completion of each and every job.

On par with our estimating services, we provide rebar detailing services for a diverse array of projects. Whether your job is large or small, you will always receive accurate, timely submittals. Our detailers bring years of experience to your project. Project constructability issues are addressed and resolved promptly, before the first piece of rebar is sheared or bent - to save you time and money on the job. You will receive drawings and documents consistent with your needs. 


  • aSa
  • Shear 97
  • Tekla 3D BIM


  • CAD Drawings
  • Material Bar Lists
  • BIM files / 3-D Modeling
  • CAD Placing Drawings
  • Electronic files 

Delivery Within 5 Days

That’s right, within 5 days of receiving your approved shop drawings,  you can have rebar delivered. Once we receive your signed purchase order, your project is assigned to a project manager to manage all aspects of your project: scheduling, changes and deliveries.  This ensures you receive prompt and clear communication at all times.

Next, your rebar is detailed and any constructability issues are identified and resolved. Your shop/placing drawings are submitted to your architect/engineer for review for compliance with design drawings. Per your delivery schedule, specifications are electronically communicated with our shop floor for fabrication, finished materials are sorted and tagged for shipping, and your rebar is delivered.

We use the world's leading rebar software to save time, ensure accuracy in all areas from bending details to weights, and ensure all tags and labels are easy-to-read. All printing and scanning are done in house to keep your project on track at every step. 


Puget Sound Steel opened an office in Coimbatore, India in 2021 to add to our detailing capacity.  We now have 7 detailers working in conjunction with our Kent based project-managers, enabling us to keep our detailing “in house” to better serve our customers.