On-Time, Accurate Delivery

On Time, Every Time

Our delivery team ensures your rebar is delivered when you want it in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii. We understand your tight construction scheduling commitments, and we control deliveries to meet them. Puget Sound Steel trucks deliver to jobsites throughout the region. Deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped ocean freight by barge, flat rack, or container. 

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Contact us for precision-fabricated rebar, on-time delivery, and a competitive price on projects of all sizes from a pick-up load to full railcars.

Order With Confidence

No matter where your jobsite is, every order is scanned using aSa Load Tracking software  before departure to ensure you receive your complete order as specified, with 100% accuracy, and never a missing bundle.   Additionally, each order is accompanied by mill certificates, placing drawings, and cut sheets to make it easier and more efficient for you to confirm your order and construct with confidence knowing you have exactly what you need.