Green Lake Village

Seattle, WA

Green Lake Village:  Apartments for the outdoor enthusiasts!

Situated at Green Lake in North Seattle, this 297 unit apartment complex is pedestrian focused and loaded with public spaces.  It is also home to 50,000 sf of retail space.

GC:  W G Clark Construction Co

Tons Fabricated:  1,368

Leed Sivler Certified

Completion Date:  2013

Our Services

Our rebar fabrication equipment is ready to bend and shear every type of rebar specified in your project from #3 - #18 rebar in any grade.

“Outstanding work, looking forward to working together again.

Thank you for your outstanding work on the project.  The skill, cooperation and professionalism of your field and office personnel contributed greatly to the success of this job."

– W.T. Swanson, senior Project manager & carl Darmer, superintendent

W.g. clark construction co. 


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