OSL, Ending Hunger One Meal at a Time

Operation Sack Lunch launched their incredible mission in 1989 with the delivery of 30 sack lunches to the streets of Seattle.  More than 11,000,000 meals later, OSL is the foremost leader in delivering nutritious quality meals to Seattle's compromised populations.

OSL's collaborations with over 130 meal donor participants allow them to successsfully rescue and re-distribute millions of pounds of quality meal ingredients previously slated for the waste stream, and their service to 78 meal recipient partners  has made them the lynch-pin in the Seattle emergency meal system.

Puget Sound Steel is a proud supporter and collaborator in the journey to end hunger in our community. 

Corporate sponsors and partners like Puget Sound Steel are key to the success of OSL's mission as they take action and accountability in the community they conduct business.

Without Puget Sound Steel's hands on and financial support, organizations like OSL would lack the resources desperately needed in helping end homelessness, hunger and hatred.  As a member of the board, we take great pride in aligning with responsible and community minded companies like Puget Sound Steel.” 


- Tatum Spalding, Board Member, OSL -


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