The Salmon Need Us

We’re sponsoring a steelhead to help save salmon.

Survive the Sound is an educational initiative that’s turning kids into scientists

as they analyze real-world data in classrooms across the Puget Sound, all part of an effor to save the iconic steelhead.

With a free, interactive online game, over 21,000 students and members of the public are following their favorite fish character as it migrates through Puget Sound. The game uses real data collected as part of LLTK’s research efforts to tell the story of imperiled steelhead and the challenges they face. During the journey, everyone develops a deeper connection to their local environment, encouraging them to take action to protect it.

Meet Steelhead / Our Fish


This online game uses funny fish avatars to represent real steelhead (a fish similar to salmon) that were tracked during research efforts led by a local nonprofit, Long Live the Kings. The tracking data lets scientists understand why the fish are dying.

Join Our Team


You can help save the steelhead and join the PSS team, tracking our fish through its annual 5 day migration May 2-6, 2023.  Last year, there were 20,700 participants and we helped raise $45,000.00 for salmon and steelhead recovery.   Everyone is invited to learn about salmon and our local ecosystem in the race to the Pacific Ocean!


Join Our Team

“For more than 30 years, Long Live the Kings has been working hard throughout Puget Sound to recover wild salmon and steelhead and support sustainable fishing. We rely on corporate partners like Puget Sound Steel to strengthen our constituency of salmon advocates.

Their engagement in Long Live the Kings’ Survive the Sound education and outreach campaign has been instrumental in raising awareness for challenges facing salmon and steelhead recovery.

Our efforts to restore this vital northwest icon will not only help salmon, but all who depend on them including our struggling southern resident killer whales and local communities of Puget Sound.”


– Jacques White, Long Live the Kings’ Executive Director