Rebar and Rebar Accessories


Wide Selection: All grades, sizes, lengths, and shapes of rebar.

  Sizes: #3 Grade 60 bar (3/8 diameter /10mm) to #18 MMFX (2 1/4 / 75mm)
Lengths: 20-0, 30-0, 60-0, coil, and custom lengths up to 88’

Resolve issues early, before they lead to constructability problems, delays, and additional labor expense at the job site. Our experienced team will work with you to save you time and money by resolving issues in advance and as needed throughout your project: estimating, detailing, fabrication and shipping.

On-time, accurate delivery: your rebar and accessories will be delivered to your job site per your schedule. You’ll receive all the materials you request at your specified time - to keep your project on track and avoid additional crane time.

Cramped for pre-assembly space? Use our spacious fabrication yard at no charge to pre-assemble your shapes before they are shipped to your job site.

Contact us now to discuss your project and to order rebar and rebar accessories, 253-854-3600.